Spring Is Nearing – Green Thumbs Be Aware

Spring Is Nearing – Green Thumbs Be Aware

Don’t let joint pain and muscle aches slow you down in the garden this year. Here are some simple tips you can do to help prevent injury and reduce pain.

Warm Up

Warming up prepares the muscles for the work ahead. In addition to preventing injury, warming up your muscles can also boost energy and performance. It is a good idea to warm up prior to any activity – stretching or walking briskly for a couple of minutes gets your heart rate up and your blood flowing.

Start Small

Gardening is a marathon not a sprint.  A garden will not grow overnight. Ease into it and pace yourself.

Stretch While You Work

Stretching as you go not only helps you prepare for work, it can also re-energize your body!  Stretching periodically by breathing in and out, slowly and rhythmically, allows your body to relax and muscles to remain loose.

Avoid Sudden Movements

Sudden movements are often associated with do-it-yourself projects. These jerking or twisting movements may result in strained muscles or soreness. It is important to keep your back aligned to avoid unnecessary strains on it.

Use the Proper Tools

Choose tools that allow you to stay upright as you dig, shovel and weed. Short tools can force you to bend and may result in soreness or muscle strain. Always use proper lifting techniques as you move heavy objects.

Ask for Help

It is very important to ask a partner to help move or carry heavy objects and tools. Use a wheelbarrow to move extremely heavy items like soil and rocks.  Even with a partner it is important to lift with your legs, not with your back to avoid injury.

Work at the Right Height

Get down to the level at which you are working. Don’t bend at the waist to lift tools or supplies instead, get to the ground and lift tools or objects lift with your legs. Knee pads  can be used for comfort so you can get closer to your work.


Dr. Chadha is a physician specializing in minimally invasive treatments to treat pain. Commonly treated conditions include: knee arthritis, hip pain, shoulder arthritis, sports injuries, cervical and lumbar spine. Dr. Chadha also does regenerative medicine to repair damaged tissues using your body’s stem cells and PRP (platelet rich plasma) due to joint arthritis, ligament and tendon injury and sports injuries.

Dr. Chadha is dedicated to patient care, focusing primarily in interventional pain management and anesthesiology. Her practice, Chicago Pain Relief, passionately serves several suburban communities outside of Chicago, (Willowbrook, Oak Brook, Hinsdale, Burr Ridge, and Downers Grove.) Composed of a dedicated team of professionals, they serve both English and Spanish speaking patients. Book your appointment today by phone at: 630-537-1125

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